Building Your Business with a Network of Independent Retailers

Since 1955, Worldwide has been opening doors for vendors into the vital independent retailer market.  We have direct access to a nationwide market of successful independent retailers.  Our business is to bring together suppliers of products and services and our member retailers. 

Worldwide works with over 3,000 vendors to fulfill the merchandise needs for our member retailers throughout the United States and Canada.  These vendors represent the best suppliers in the following categories: shooting sports, camping, fishing, marine, apparel, footwear, homeworld, hardware, LGP, toys and athletics. 

We have a professional staff of buyers who thoroughly understand the dynamics of the wholesale and retail marketplace in their specific product category.  Our staff is the essential avenue of communication between key suppliers and retail dealers.  Our people act as your agents when it comes to getting programs, merchandise and informationthrough to those outlets.  They stay abreast of the latest trends through national trade shows, review of trade publications and day-to-day communication with suppliers and retailers.  Where appropriate they have hands on experience with product lines so they can stay current with the technology and trends in the industry. 

We partner with vendors that are able to offer our members an advantage for buying through the group. A few of the preferred offerings include aggressive buying programs, extended dating, special buy opportunities, close-outs, re-order programs and priority shipping. 

Our semi annual, invitation only, trades shows allow our member retailers to meet with suppliers in an open booth setting at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.  Besides the open booth buying, our trade shows also include special member meetings, aggressive buying events, retail seminars, quantity buys and close-outs.  You can expedite your ability to see a larger group of retailers in just a few days. 

These shows are supported with extensive advertising and marketing on behalf of our vendors.  We produce a unique to the industry catalog of show specials that are submitted by the attending vendors.  This catalog is mailed prior to the show and allows our members to come prepared to review product lines and write orders.  Our vendors go home with orders! 

We can be a single-source credit reference for all the retailers we deal with if you work with a Worldwide merchandise buyer to arrange for this privilege.  Working out a buying advantage for members of the cooperative to buy collectively can provide you with payment security and a single address to invoice. 

If you are a vendor that is interested in being part of our vendor community and getting the advantage of working with our group of retailers please contact the appropriate buyer listed on our contacts page.  For a listing of all contacts, click here. 

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